We don’t often talk about the inherent sex appeal of a good suit but mark our words, wearing a really good suit—like one in classic navy wool—out on a Friday night will draw women to you like moths to a flame. Of course, not all blue suits are created equal. Just look at Donald Trump’s baggy fit for proof of that—very bad! For the record, your navy suit should fit like French soccer star Thierry Henry’s, above. It’s slim, a little structured, and the shoulders hit him, well, at the shoulders. Your navy suit also needs to look just as good at the office as it does on date night. You need to ace the styling right down to your socks. (Trust us, women are looking at your socks.) For a classic look that will impress your boss and your date go with a crisp white dress shirt anchored by a tie, socks, and shoes in strong shades of black or brown. Wanna impress her even more? Throw in a bright white pocket square and a bright white smile and you’ve really cinched it.

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