Membership Policy: By clicking “Place Order,” you agree that your GentleMBox Membership will automatically renew on a monthly/annual/quarterly basis (dependent on your plan chosen) on the 10th of your scheduled month and that the payment method you have authorized will be charged the respective subscription fee (subject to change) until you cancel your GentleMBox Membership. Members also understand all policies and language within our FAQs.

By using or participating in a concierge program, User agrees to allow Site to run transactions using an existing payment method on file. GentleMBox will not run any transaction without verbal or written approval from User.

Coupon/Discount Policy: The use of any coupons and/or discounts is limited to ONE per subscription, per person. Further, any coupon and/or discount may only be used toward your first month’s box. We strictly monitor the use of any coupon and/or discount and any prohibited use will violate these terms of service. Violation of these terms of service may result in the cancellation of your subscription and/or voiding of the entire subject order. Prohibited activity resulting in a violation of these terms of service includes, inter alia, repeated cancellations followed by reactivation with new coupons. Multiple coupons and/or discounts may be used on special offers only when indicated by GentleMBox and approved promotions dictated by GentleMBox. GentleMBox holds the right to void promotions and offers at their discretion at any time for any reason.

Cancellation Policy: By clicking “Place Order,” you agree that you may cancel your subscription at any time when on a monthly or quarterly plan and will avoid next month/quarter’s charges if canceled before the next billing date. If you wish to cancel before your next billing date, the cancellation request must be received by customer support at least 1 full business day prior to billing. If your billing date falls over a weekend or holiday, the cancellation request must be received before 12:00 pm ET on the previous business day. For International customers, please contact us at to cancel your subscription. In order to avoid being billed for your next subscription—whether recurring on a monthly or annual basis—be sure to cancel before the next billing date. For canceling an annual subscription before the next billing, members should contact GentleMBox to stop service.

International Payment/Customs Taxes Policy: Members who are ordering to international destinations must pay mind that there is a possibility customs fees/taxes may be applied to their order. GentleMBox is not responsible for paying these fees. Refusal to pay the fees may result in the package being returned to GentleMBox. If this is the case, our ability to reship or refund the order is only an option if the order is returned to our facility.

The purchaser also does recognize that all prices on the GentleMBox website are listed in Ringgit Malaysia(RM), and that purchasing with a different currency may result in conversion fees and higher/lower amounts depending on your currency’s value compared to the Ringgit Malaysia.

Terms of Service: By clicking “Place Order,” you agree to the GentleMBox Terms of Service.

Modification of Terms of Service: GentleMBox reserves the right to update and/or modify its Terms of Service at any time. If the updates and/or modifications are material, we will notify you via email or by posting a notice on the site prior to the changes going into effect. We will also designate a reasonable amount of time within which users may cancel their account in order to avoid being bound by the updated Terms of Service. Failure to cancel your account during this notice period will result in automatic acceptance of the new Terms of Service. GentleMBox will, in its sole discretion, determine, inter alia, when an update and/or modification is deemed “material,” as well as what a “reasonable amount of time” for notice purposes will entail.

Last updated 5/01/2019