Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What Is A GentleMBox? What Will I Receive?
GentleMBox is a monthly subscription service themed and curated by our team of expert stylists. Each month honors a noteworthy gentleman from the past or present. Items in our subscription box for men are hand selected to reflect the carefully crafted image of that month’s honored gentleman. Arriving at your doorstep monthly, you can expect EIGHT products, from lifestyle essentials to grooming necessities. These fashion and lifestyle items typically range from a tie and pair of socks, to trending accessories such as cuff links, bracelet, pocket squares, tie clips, sunglasses, watches, socks, colognes and various grooming products. We offer both month-to-month and prepaid options.
How Often Do You Release New Boxes?
Our box subscription is released monthly and shipped within 3 business days of the 10th of the month.
Will I Ever Receive The Same Product In the Box?
No, you will never receive the same product more than once. However, there is a possibility of receiving a similar product, from a different brand, in a future box.
How Does This Monthly Re-Billable Subscription Work? Do I Have To Renew Or Re-Subscribe Every Month?
Your monthly re-billable subscription automatically renews every month on your set billing date between the 1st and 10th. If your billing and/or account information are ever deemed invalid, you will be notified about the denied charge on your account, at which time you will need to update your information to be billed. Otherwise, your box is immediately submitted for processing and there’s nothing further you need to do in order to receive a box every month. This also applies to customers whose prepaid subscriptions switch to the monthly re-billable plan after the duration of their 6 or 12 prepaid months.
Can I Purchase A One-Time Box Without Committing To A Subscription?
We only offer monthly re-billable or prepaid subscription plans, but you are welcome to visit our online store and purchase a Month 1 Box without committing to monthly payments.
Can I Request Specific Items/Styles Or Choose The Box I want For Each Month?
For all subscription plans, we prefer keeping the products a surprise! No special requests or size accommodations can be fulfilled at this time.
How Do I Purchase A GentleMBox Subscription?
To purchase a subscription, you can visit our Subscriptions Plan page. Enter your billing and shipping information, and you’re all set. You will be billed as soon as you sign up and then receive a confirmation email shortly after.

Prepaid & Gift Subscription

What Makes My Prepaid Subscription Different Than The Monthly Re-Billable Plan?

With our prepaid subscriptions, you pay a flat discounted rate in advance for all of the boxes you will receive throughout the duration of your subscription. Per our cancelation and refund policies, this charge will be unavailable for refund after 15 calendar days. Once that prepaid duration is complete, your subscription is then scheduled to renew the following month at the monthly re-billable rate, unless you request otherwise through

How Many Months Am I Subscribed For And At What Rate?

Our annual subscriptions cover 6 or 12 consecutive months of automatic GentleMBox shipments. We offer 6-month subscriptions for customers at RM85.00 per month, or 12 months at RM79.90 per month, plus shipping and sales tax. Kindly note that once your 6 or 12 months have completed, you subscription is then scheduled to renew at the monthly re-billable rate of RM89.90 per box, unless you request otherwise via Also, your charge is unavailable for refund any later than 15 calendar days from the initial purchase.

What Is The Difference Between A Gift And Regular Subscription?

If you purchase either a gift subscription or a regular monthly/prepaid subscription, your monthly boxes will automatically be shipped to the shipping address associated with the account, whether it is yours as the purchaser or someone else’s as the recipient. If purchasing as a gift, we also suggest entering in your email address at checkout so your recipient may not access the order details. After you place your order, you can contact us to change the email address to the recipient's so he or she will receive all shipping notifications going forward. You may additionally include a gift email with your special message!.


What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

We accept all major credit cards including MasterCard, Visa, as well as debit cards, prepaid credit cards and Paypal.

When IS My Monthly Billing Date?

Our valid billing dates range from the 1st-10th of every month. For customers whose prepaid subscriptions are switching to monthly re-billable plans, your monthly billing date is scheduled for the 1st of every month moving forward.


When Does My Box Ship?
Monthly boxes are processed within 10 business days.
Is Shipping Included In The Plan Price?
Shipping and sales taxes are included in all subscription plans.
What Countries Outside of Malaysia Can You Ship To?
Unfortunately now we only ship to East and West Malaysia. We will be open to ship oversea soon. Stay tuned.

Cancelation, Return & Refund Policies

How Do I Cancel My Subscription? When Should I Do So By?
You may access your account through your Billing Portal to cancel your subscription yourself, or you can send a cancelation request to no less than 24 hours prior to your next billing date. If your cancelation request is submitted during the weekends or holidays, your request will be reviewed the next business day. No cancelation fees will be imposed. A prepaid annual subscription cannot be canceled in the middle of the 6-month or 12-month period. If you would like to stop your subscription from renewing for another year, please contact us and we’ll make sure to expire your subscription before auto-renewal.
I Was Already Charged – Can I Still Cancel?
You can cancel your subscription at any time, but once your subscription renews, your monthly box automatically processes to our warehouse for shipment, so we are unable to access that particular shipment to cancel or refund the order. Also, kindly note that when you purchase a prepaid subscription, at the end of your 6 or 12 months your account is scheduled to renew on the 1st of the following month as a monthly re-billable subscription.
I Thought I Already Canceled – Why Am I Still Being Charged And Receiving Boxes?
Kindly note that if the cancelation confirmation email was not received on your end, this means your account is still active or still was at the time of billing. If you received a confirmation email, please forward it to us showing the date that it was received and we will make the adjustment in your account. Also be advised that your prepaid subscription does not cancel or expire automatically, but rather renews as a monthly re-billable subscription the following month and onward.
I Forgot To Cancel My Subscription. Can I Return The Box?
Subscriptions must be canceled prior to the billing date or it will renew for another month. Once your subscription renews and your order has been processed, we are unable to cancel the order, issue a refund for that order, or accept a returned box for refund.